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The Florida Soccer School is offering a New remote, online, learning course for players that want grow the tactical side of their game. This course will be an interactive and competitive 4 part course focusing on advanced tactical topics that will improve your soccer IQ.  

Topics that will be taught during the course include Formations, Team Shape, Perception, Spacing, Breaking Lines, Attacking Movement and more!  

- Systems of Play

- Formations

- Team Shape

- Perception

- Spacing

- Breaking Lines

- Attacking Movement

This course is only for competitive players. The Florida Soccer School respects and understands that some players will not be able to attend our summer programs and currently there is not much programming for senior players. We wanted to provide a truly elite learning opportunity for all players to improve their soccer IQ and become more advanced tactically.    


The course will take place over 4 days and the time will be determined by the lead instructor with each session being roughly an hour and a half long. There will be 4 different interactive sessions that take place on 4 different days. The program is designed to be competitive, interactive and engaging for players with video content and interactive exercises.

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