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The Florida Soccer School (TFSS) Group Training Series offers players the opportunity to privately train in a group setting with trusted coaches from The Florida Soccer School. Our TFSS Group Training Series is a 6 week program that will take place on Friday's throughout November and December. Group training offers players the opportunity to work privately, learn and improve from a trusted TFSS coach. With our TFSS Group Training Series you have to option to choose to train for only 1 session or join The Florida Soccer School for our entire 6 week program. Each session is 90 minutes in duration.

Players 7 to 20 years of age. Players will be grouped by level and age and the instruction will differ based on the developmental needs of the players in their respective age groups.

Training Topics:  This program designed to teach specific technical and tactical skills that will help your child improve, be more creative and confident.  Topics that will be addressed during these clinics include; Scanning and Perception, Receiving/1st Touch,  Finishing, Ball Mastery, Playing Through High Pressure, Decision Making & Speed of Play Under Pressure, 1v1 Dribbling Moves to Beat a Player (Younger Players Only), 1v1 Moves to Escape Pressure (Younger Players Only).  



TFSS Group Training Series allows players to work on specific technical and tactical aspects of their game while training against opponents. In a typical 1 on 1 private training session, players train only with the coach and do not train with any pressure from a defender. While this may help a beginner learn the basics, it is not an effective way to train the "competitive" player to compete at the highest level. Players struggle in games because opponents put them under pressure and ask them to solve problems, either faster or different than they are used to. The best players, at any level, are capable of consistently executing technically and tactically under pressure from opponents. 


Can your child bend the ball into the lower right corner of the goal? How about when there is a defender on them in a game. Can they still execute this technique under pressure? When you invest in a private trainer you should be investing in their knowledge and ability to teach/communicate. If the trainer never observes your child make a mistake under pressure, then how can they use their expertise to identify the breakdown and help teach/correct the error?   


Throughout our TFSS Group Training Series, a trusted TFSS Coaches will observe your child training under pressure and identify the specific technical or tactical breakdowns that occur. Once our staff identifies the critical area of improvement, they will explain this in a simple manner and break down the step by step technical or tactical solution.


Our TFSS Group Training environment allows the player multiple opportunities to work on the identified area with positive encouragement and reinforcement from the coach. Our staff's number one focus is on helping your child improve and grow. At The Florida Soccer School, we believe this happens through detailed instruction and positive reinforcement in an environment where players feel comfortable taking risks and making errors. We want your child to make mistakes so our staff can identify how to help and make a difference! 

At The Florida Soccer School we recognize building a child's confidence is one of the direct benefits to hiring a 1 on 1 private trainer. Our TFSS staff is committed to building your child's confidence through meaningful instruction, positive encouragement, and by giving them the tools they need to succeed in practices with their teams or in games on the weekends.  


The Florida Soccer School's Group Training Series will be led by Coach Ashani Fairclough. For a full bio on Coach Fairclough or any TFSS Coach please visit our Coaching Staff page

Additional TFSS coaching staff members will include the following:

Kevin King

Fred Dikranian

Jack Dikranian

Specific coaches will be assigned to groups prior to training sessions..



The Florida Soccer School's Group Training Series allows players to choose to train for only 1 session or join The Florida Soccer School for our entire 5 week program. Each session is 75 minutes in duration. Training times will be between 5 pm and 9 pm depending on the age group.

Dates and Location:


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