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Our Elite Attacking Camp is a full day program, for players ages 8-16. This week long program runs from Monday through Friday (Please note Friday is a half day).

All Elite Attacking Camps begin each day at 9AM and conclude at 3PM from Monday through Thursday. Our program concludes at noon on Friday.

This program is specifically designed to improve the competitive, club, or academy player's attacking methods and ability around goal. Take advantage of our outstanding staff and learn how to become better around goal at our Elite Attacking Camp.

Please read below for more details about our Elite Attacking Camp Program or contact us at any time.


This program will improve the competitive player's Attacking Methods and ability in the final third around goal. A major focus is placed on improving the player’s technical proficiency and confidence in shooting or striking the ball. Players will shoot more in one week at our Elite Attacking Camp then they will all year with their club teams.

A strong emphasis is placed on improving the players 1st touch and decision making around goal, while encouraging the player to be more creative and imaginative. 

At our Elite Attacking Camp our elite coaches will teach players specific techniques and ideas in the a number of areas; striking the ball, 1st touch, spatial recognition, attacking movement, ability to escape pressure, ability to take players on 1v1, attacking 2v1, and finishing. 


The Florida Soccer School has quickly become the #1 camp in Florida. The reason is simple, our staff! A camp is only as good as its coaches and we have the best! 

At our Elite Attacking Camp our coaches challenge players to think quickly, be creative, and take chances. By observing players take chances and make mistakes, our coaches can zero in on what is needed and teach the specific technique each player needs to be successful the next time. This is one of the ways our coaches help take our player's game to the next level and what separates us from the competition. Our coaches truly care about our player’s development. 

Please visit the Coaching Staff section of our website to learn more about our elite coaches.

Learn and train with the best this summer at our Elite Attacking Camp!  


Our Elite Attacking Camp is designed for the competitive player to learn and be challenged. Training sessions will incorporate specific technical work, small group games, small-sided training, small sided instructional games, and larger sided activities.

At our Elite Attacking Camp players will compete in a number of competitions and, at times, also compete against our staff. Players will compete in our small-sided World Cup style league that concludes in a playoff tournament at the end of the week and our signature Afternoon Premier League.

Our staff’s passion and love for game can be spotted all week, but it is specifically noticeable during our leagues and competitions. At The Florida Soccer School we believe is it our job to demonstrate and instill in our players a passion and love for the game of soccer. Competition is extremely important but it is just as important that our players love the game and have FUN!

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