Our Developmental Training Camp is a full day program, for players ages 7-14. This program is designed to improve your child’s ability to be comfortable, confident, and creative with the ball and prepare them for their next level in soccer (competitive, club, or middle school team). This weeklong program runs from Monday to Thursday with a half day on Friday. All Developmental Day Camps begin each day at 9am and finish at either 3pm or 4pm, depending on the location of the camp.

At The Florida Soccer School, we believe there is a specific skill set, comprised of techniques and moves, which every player needs to develop at a young age in order to be successful. Our Developmental Training Camp program is designed to teach and improve your child’s technical proficiency in a fun action-packed environment.

Our main focus is on improving the player’s ability to be comfortable and confident on the ball. A strong emphasis is placed on dribbling to escape pressure and taking players on 1v1. Our players are challenged to be more creative and imaginative with the ball while in these situations.
In each session, our coaches challenge players to try new skills and players are rewarded for taking chances and making mistakes. By observing players take chances and make mistakes, our coaches can zero in on what is needed and teach the specific technique each player needs to be successful the next time. This is one of the ways our coaches help take our players’ game to the next level and what separates us from the competition. Our coaches truly care about our player’s development.

Our methodology will create an environment that taps into the creativity and imagination of our players. We believe it is extremely important that our players develop and master key techniques at a young age. The more confident and technically proficient our players become the more they will experiment and have fun with the ball. We believe confidence and enjoyment are keys to fostering creativity. At our Development Training Camp, players will enhance their technical foundation and develop the ability to escape pressure and take players on 1v1.

Training sessions will incorporate specific technical work, small group games, small-sided instructional games, and larger sided activities. Our Developmental Training Camp program will also include a number of contests and fun activities where our players will have the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned and compete against our staff. One of the highlights of our Developmental Training Camp has always been our small-sided league that concludes in a playoff tournament at the end of the week.

Our staff’s passion and love for game can be spotted all week but it is specifically noticeable during our leagues and in competitions. At The Florida Soccer School we believe is it our job to demonstrate and instill in our players a passion and love for the game of soccer.

Please check each location for specific details as well as pick up and drop off information. For more information about our Developmental Training Camp Program please contact us at any time through our Contact page.


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  Tampa Developmental Training Camp
JC Handly Sports Complex - 3104 S. Kings Ave., Brandon, FL 33511
June 4-8
8 - 14
M / F
  Lakewood Ranch Developmental Training Camp
Hosted by Braden River Soccer Club -
5490 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34202
June 18-22
9 - 16
M / F
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